European Style Elevator Without Shaft
  • European Style Elevator Without ShaftEuropean Style Elevator Without Shaft

European Style Elevator Without Shaft

The company has its own factory and adopts a combination of imported elevator accessories and a number of inventions. It adopts the low noise screw pump system imported from Italy.

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European Style Elevator

European Style Elevator Without Shaft suppliers

1. Product Introduction of European Style Elevator Without Shaft


Shenyang Huacai TV ladder professional customized production and installation of household elevators, villa elevators, attic elevators, jump elevators. The elevator can be customized with different sizes according to the site situation, which has the characteristics of small well way, bottomless pit and no machine room. The top height is not low enough at 2.8 meters, so as to realize the dream of more home elevator installation. The elevator can be customized for home sightseeing elevator/outdoor elevator, circular elevator/fan elevator/semi-circular elevator, etc.


The company has its own factory and adopts a combination of imported elevator accessories and a number of inventions. It adopts the low noise screw pump system imported from Italy, the elevator lifting and lowering buffer servo valve imported from Germany, as well as the professional R & D design team, experienced technical installation team, to save costs for users and provide one-stop service.


The European Style Elevator built by Huacai Elevator does not require a machine room, occupies a small space, and runs smoothly. It is a product of the trend of high-quality life. It is produced with international technology, condenses the spirit of the elevator with artistic taste, and interprets home life with flowing language. It blends harmoniously with the villa and is beautiful. Generous, comfortable and safe, it is a mobile space that tastes fashionable life and displays individual charm.



Huacai European Style Elevator is specially designed for private family users, creating a noble living space for you, creating your private high-quality space, with simple and bright or luxurious and noble decoration tone, safe and practical design concept, and it is unique. Once you choose, you will surely Feel the best experience of practicality, artistry and contemporary integration.


2. Product Parameter of European Style Elevator Without Shaft


Elevator Brand Hua CAI Driving Mode Hydraulic/traction/power drive
Elevator Type HCDT320 Power Supply Voltage Single 220V50HZ/ three-phase 380V50HZ
Load Capacity 320kg Power Rate 3kW
Carrying Capacity 2-5 people Elevator Size Customized according to the site situation
Maximum Floor Station 6 Floors 6 Stations Elevator Car Tempered Glass Or Stainless Steel
Maximum Width Of Door Opening 500-800mm Installation Site Villa, Foreign House, Attic, Loft, Network
Rated Running Speed 0.2-0.3 m/s Door Opening Middle door/flat door/hand door/side door/through door/right Angle door


3. Product Advantages of European Style Elevator Without Shaft


1) Smooth operation, safe and reliable

The elevator adopts imported hydraulic buffer, with independent suspension car seismic, elevator running stable and safe, reliable and assured;


2) Exquisite workmanship and space saving

The elevator is beautifully designed, beautiful and simple, and can be customized for you according to your needs.  In terms of space saving, there is a special person designed for you, with a high space utilization rate;


3) Reliable quality

Reliable lift quality, bottomless pit, no machine room, no press, using Italian imported ladypress pump bass, quiet equipment, no noise.


4) Patent technology guarantee

We have a professional design team, and have the relevant patents, in the patented technology to ensure quality and quantity, composite steel structure materials, no paint, environmental protection and safety.


5) Perfect integration with buildings for a variety of installation sites.


6) Humanized design, suitable for a variety of villas or duplex floor structure installation.


7) As long as the space is small, you can have our quality elevator products.


8) Novel design

Huacai Company own designers, customized hydraulic elevators, traction elevators, strong drive elevators; the diameter of the circular elevator shaft is 1400-1900mm.


9) Easy installation

The elevator installation cycle depends on the number of elevator floors, style, and site construction conditions, etc. The general installation cycle is about 7-15 days.


10) Exquisite workmanship

The self-strip steel structure well adopts the new practical aluminum alloy profile, the well and the car decoration adopts the brown tempered glass, the circular elevator arc automatic door patent technology.


11) Excellent quality


The main core parts are made of Montanarui permanent magnet synchronous steel belt tractor and Menac integrated control cabinet. The elevator quality is guaranteed, the performance is stable and the appearance is beautiful.


4. Customization Process of European Style Elevator Without Shaft


1) Pre-sale inquiry

Pre-sales consultation needs to understand the site situation of users, confirm the feasibility of elevator installation, and recommend suitable elevator installation schemes and factory prices.


2) On-site measurement

After both parties confirm and reach an agreement on the basic contents such as price and elevator scheme, technicians shall be arranged for on-site measurement. If necessary, it can be measured before confirming the scheme.


3) Sign the contract

After the measurement, both parties sign the contract. Design, manufacture and install elevators according to the contract.


4) Production and installation

After the contract is signed and the deposit is sent to the account to confirm the construction drawings, the factory will arrange production and material preparation, deliver the goods on time after production, install and deliver the elevator.


5. FAQ


1) How many days you need to install the equipment?

30 working days.


2) How many staff abroad you sent to install the equipment?

Three persons.


3) Can I transfer the money to you then you pay to other supplier?



4) Can I delivery the goods from other supplier to your factory? Then load together?



5) When will you leave your factory and to have your spring festival holidays?



6) Can the equipment be installed under hot weather?



7) Can Your products be installed under the cold weather?



8) Do You have office in shanghai or guangzhou that i can visit?

No, you can visit our factory located in shenyang.


9) Can you send your staff to install the equipment for us?

Yes, but it is better to install them by yourself, we will give some installation instruction.


10) Can I only buy some spare parts from you?



11) Will you will attend the fair to show your products?

We do not have plan now.


12) Can you send your equipment to my warehouse in guangzhou?



13) How long it takes you to provide the designing options for us?

3-5 days.


14) How do you pack the equipment?

Pallet and wooden case.


15) Can you can design the equipment according to our size?



16) How many years have your company made this kind of equipment?



17) Which certificate do you have for your equipment?



18) How many staffs do you have in your factory?



19) How can I to be your agent in my country?

Firstly become our customer, buy one set of home elevetor.


20) Do you have any agent in our country?



21) Do you have any real project pictures of the equipment?



22) How far is your factory from the city hotel?

About 30-40 minumtes.


23) How far is your factory from the airport?

About 40-50 minutes.


24) How long it will take from guangzhou to your factory?

About 4-5 hours by airplane.


25) Where is your factory located?

Shenyang city,liaoning province.


26) Do you provide free spare parts?

No spare parts.


27) What is the age range for your products?

No age limited.


28) Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?

We will make it in the future.


29) If OEM is acceptable?



30) Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

No sample.


31) What is your term of payment?

50% deposit +50% paid before delivery.


32) What is your MOQ?



33) Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?



34) How long is your delivery time?

90 working days.


35) How many production lines in your factory?

8 production lines.


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