China Shenyang Huacai Elevator is located in the northeast of the old industrial base, known as the "Eastern Ruer" reputation of Shenyang, since its establishment, always adhering to the "excellent quality, service first" concept tailored to customers to create the most perfect elevator products.


Huacai elevator independent research and development design, production, sales of home sightseeing elevators, villa elevators. Superb elevator technology, excellent marketing team, professional installation team, perfect after-sales service system, with "customer satisfaction first" as the purpose, enthusiasm to provide customers with customized elevator installation solutions.


Hua CAI elevator has applied for a number of national invention patents, products are sold all over the country, facing the family villa, attic, loft different living environment, the company developed hydraulic household elevator, to ensure its smooth operation, comfortable, low noise, safe and reliable, easy maintenance on the basis of the unique no room, no pit characteristics, It highlights the advantage of the high utilization rate (area and space) of the well way,  without the need to reserve the well way in the architectural design (the location of the well way can be selected at the floor level, as long as the levels are connected);At the same time, the elevator is driven mainly by the self-weight effect, and the energy saving (electricity) effect is better. This small well, no foundation pit, no room elevator has realized the dream of more families to install elevators. Save space, simplify the structure, everywhere reflects the modern design concept. The mechanical and electrical integration project into the field of residential decoration, so that people's home life is more fashionable, more comfortable, more practical, more rich modern sense.


Huacai Elevator always puts customer needs in the first place, takes technology as the first driving force of development, will continue to pursue the depth of research and development, continue to improve the ability of independent innovation, and establish and improve the marketing operation system and service system, dedicated to serve you!